About me

I was born in Havana, i grew up in here and continued to live on the island of the eternal fan connected to the short weekend that gives us the winter.

A dreamer who believe in future, working from the present, electronic engineer, father of two precious daughters, a self studying type of person, photographer.

I  live by this phrase:

"Don´t do to others, what you don´t like for yourself"

Music is part of my soul, love Sting, Coldplay, Phill Collins, Benny More, Descemer Bueno, Nora Jones,  Enigma, Enya, Vivaldi and so much more people who believe. 

 Nací en la Habana, crecí en ella y continuo viviendo en la isla del eterno ventilador conectado y del corto fin de semana que nos otorga el invierno.

 Habanero de pura cepa,lleno de ilusiones y sueños.